When running your business, many things can go wrong, as things sometimes do.
We understand that each and every business owner that we work with has their own unique set of needs and requirements for commercial insurance coverage.

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We have helped countless clients over the years find the right commercial insurance in Toronto and throughout the GTA. We have serviced clients in a wide variety of industries- from Education to Food Service to Entertainment. Our team of insurance experts has seen it all. It is our continual pledge to save business owners time and money on insurance that is absolutely essential to the running and operation of their businesses.


We offer complete, competitive quotes from multiple insurers that we have developed relationships with. These relationships have allowed us to obtain the best rates possible for our commercial insurance clients. You don’t have to worry any more about getting gouged on overpriced insurance policies that barely cover your business’ s unique individual needs and requirements.

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Commercial Insurance Pros is a division of of TK WoodMar Insurance & Financial Inc. At TK WoodMar we specialize in providing focused insurance services through our platforms, High Risk Auto Pros, Commercial Insurance Pros and Insurance Quote Pros. Our company delivers the best in personal broker service and you always talk to a live agent during business hours.

We can give you a FREE, no-obligation quote today and can get you back on track to saving on your insurance premiums. Now has never been a better time for you or your business to start saving money.

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