New poll: Ontario drivers fed up with antiquated rules requiring them to carry paper form “pink slip”

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Source: IBC

Under Ontario law, every driver must carry their proof of auto insurance “pink slip”, which is valid only in paper format. Nova Scotia recently announced that it would become the first Canadian province to allow drivers to carry digital proof of insurance. Currently, 46 U.S. states allow for digital proof of auto insurance.

IBC’s January 2018 poll was conducted by the market research firm Leger. The results show that:

  • 74% of Ontarians want the option of receiving their insurance documents (proof of insurance card, insurance renewals) electronically;
  • 78% of Ontarians feel that receiving their insurance documents electronically would be convenient;
  • 88% of Ontarians receive at least one bill electronically (e.g. phone bill, bank statement), and;
  • 79% of Ontarians believe that insurance information available online is as safe as paper-based communications.

“Ontario drivers are very supportive of digital documents,” said Kim Donaldson, Vice-President, Ontario, IBC.  “We use our mobile devices to get on airplanes and buy our coffees. Why can’t we use them to display our proof of insurance?”

The survey results were featured in a report by IBC entitled An Innovation Agenda for Ontario’s Insurance Industry. The report outlines a variety of steps the provincial government can take to make auto insurance more convenient for more Ontario drivers.

“The speed of technological change has outstripped the pace of policy and regulatory change,” added Donaldson. “Ontario’s property and casualty insurers are looking for the provincial government’s commitment to modernize insurance laws to put customers’ needs first and meet their evolving online financial needs.”

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