ICBC warns customers to delete texts that appear to offer a refund

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September 29, 2017
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The Insurance Corporation of B.C. is advising its customers to delete any recent text messages claiming to be from the auto insurer, because the messages could be a scam.

ICBC spokeswoman Joanna Linsangen says several customers report receiving texts informing them of a refund for a traffic fine or red-light violation and providing a link to claim the money.

Linsangen says the link directs the user to a site where personal banking information must be entered.

She says the corporation believes the texts are part of a SMiShing scheme, short for SMS phishing, aimed at tricking users to unknowingly download malware onto a mobile device or to send personal information.

A news release from the corporation says it never uses unsecured channels like text messages or social media to communicate sensitive information and it never issues refunds via text or Interac e-transfer.

Customers who have received a suspect message on their mobile device are encouraged to report it to the non-emergency line of their local police department and also to the federal government’s Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Article extracted from ILSTV