Emojis in the Workplace: Unprofessional or Acceptable?

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Here are just a few factors to consider before you hit “send.”

1. Some emojis are more work appropriate than others. A simple smiley will likely be well received in a work email or text. However, there are some emojis that definitely shouldn’t show up in professional messages, like the infamous eggplant.

2. Less is more. An emoji is kind of like an exclamation point. Once in a while they’re merited, but your colleagues will become annoyed and even concerned if you overdo it and flood their inboxes with strings of heart-eyed faces, high fives, hearts, and palm trees.

3. Make sure you really know what you mean. Just like it’s best not to use a word or acronym if you aren’t quite sure of its definition, don’t throw around an emoji unless you’re positive you understand its meaning. Otherwise your attempt at humor and lightheartedness could go horribly wrong and earn you a visit with HR.

4. Keep your audience in mind. Your coworker who you regularly trade snarky remarks with might not mind emojis in your emails, but a serious-minded boss or potential client might find them unprofessional. Consider your relationship with the recipient before you introduce emojis into your dynamic.    

Whether you love them or hate them, emojis are everywhere these days, and it doesn’t hurt to know how to use and interpret them in the workplace. Are you an emoji enthusiast who uses them as much as possible personally and professionally, or do you dislike and shun the symbols? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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Source: http://www.ilstv.com/emojis-workplace-unprofessional-acceptable/