7 Statistics on Workplace Harassment

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Harassment in the workplace includes any objectionable behaviour that demeans, belittles, humiliates or embarrasses an employee. It also includes intimidation and threats. Ontario, Manitoba, Québec and Saskatchewan have already introduced legislation against bullying and B.C. recently enacted Bill 14 [Workers Compensation Amendment Act] to address the effects of bullying at work.

Here are seven statistics related to workplace harassment/bullying from safetystats.com:

  • Three tactics used in workplace bullying are: withholding information from a co-worker; excluding certain employees from meetings and threatening or intimidating co-workers.
  • 10% of Canadian workers ages 18 through 24 reported being victims of sexual harassment in the workplace at some point within the previous year. (Canadian Labour Congress)
  • 7% of male workers in the US reported being sexually harassed at work. (2008 telephone poll by Louis Harris and Associates)
  • 96% percent of people have experienced incivility (disrespectful behaviour) in the workplace. (The Cost of Bad Behavior, Christine Pearson and Christine Porath)
  • 94% of workers who are treated uncivilly say they have attempted to get even with their tormentors. (Christine Pearson and Christine Porath)
  • Four examples of harassment in the workplace are: serious or repeated rude, degrading or offensive remarks; displaying or sending sexist, racist or other offensive pictures, posters or emails; sexual harassment, such as unwelcome social invitations with sexual overtones or flirting; and threats, intimidation or retaliation.
  • About 60 % of workplace bullies are men, who tend to bully male and female employees equally. (New York Times)

Make your work place a better, safer place to be, and be compliant with existing bullying legislation, with the help of anti-bullying courses (for employees and employers) and office etiquette courses from ILScorp.

Excerpt extracted from ILSTV

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